Anti Bullying Policy

3WAY Group aim to provide a workplace that is safe and free from any forms or types of harassment for all employees, visitors and any personnel for 3WAY Group.

3WAY Group will not tolerate any form of bullying regardless of its type, whether mental or physical.

3WAY expects all employees, visitors and personnel to behave in an appropriate manner that reflects 3WAY Group’s code of conduct. Bullying of any form will not be tolerated in any workplace or workstation.

The consequences of bullying another person or participating in any form of bullying of any person will result in disciplinary action; this may include the termination of employment. Bullying personnel who not directly employed by 3WAY will result in the person being removed of site.

Bullying – Definition

Bullying can be defined in several ways; being physical or mental. Bullying can be defined as an act of intimidation to make a person do something; also, it is a form of harassment that can make someone feel humiliated or intimidated.

Bullying can affect people in different ways such as

  • Depression
  • Impact on Health & Safety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Different behaviours
  • Low self esteem

Examples of bullying are:

Name calling

Spreading rumours about someone

Violence towards that person

Withholding information that affects that person’s job

And a variety of others.

3WAY Group encourages anyone who is being affected by this to seek help and advice from the office. Should the office not be able to help they will pass this on to Richard (CEO) or Rick (MD).

Date: 16.03.2024

Next Review Date: 15.03.2025


Signed: R Poole

Signed: R A M Poole

Managing Director


Mr Richard Poole

Mr Richard Anthony Mark Poole

Chief Executive Officer