Drugs And Alcohol Policy

We are committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive working environment for all employees, contractors, customers, and visitors involved in its operation.

Consumption of drugs and alcohol or intoxication of during working hours implies the health and safety of the induvial and others, since these substances impair coordination, judgement and decision making. Irresponsible behaviour resulting in the mis-use of drugs/ and or alcohol may damage our reputation and/or business.

Health and Safety act of 1974, we recognize the duty to protect the health and safety, and welfare of employees and others who are (or may be) affected by their activities as far as its reasonably practicable, we are committed to taking measures to ensuring this safety. Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, we will carry out a risk assessment to identify workplace hazards and put measures into place to minimise these risks. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, it is illegal for anyone, to produce, supply or be in possession off illegal drugs. Employers may be liable if they knowingly allow an employee, customer or service to dispense, manufacture, possess, use or sell drugs on their premises.

We require all empolyees to come to work, free form the effects of alcohol and drugs. Working under the influnce of Drugs & Alcohol or consuming alcohol or drugs during working hours. Including paid and unpaid breaks is unacceptable behaviour. Employees found in possession of illgeal drugs or using illegal drugs while at work will normally be reported to the police. If the legitimate use of prescribed drugs is likely to affect job performance and safety, employees should inform their line manager immediately.

Our policy is principally concerned with ongoing issues of substance mis-use. We class these as ‘capabilty isues’ as the problem will primarly impact how the indiviual performs their job. In cirumstances where an employee breeches, the policy on an indiviual case such as reporting in drunk or being under the influence of drugs at work. We will class this behvaiour as a conduct issue and handle it via the normal disaplinary procedures. If an employee, for example is voilent at work while under the influence of any substance or deals with illecit substances with work or any other very serious incident, we will consider this serious misconduct and are justified in summery dismisal. If an employee admits to having a substannce mis-use problem, the disaplnary maybe be held in their absence. This will be subject to the successful outcome of treatment and improvement of performance/job capability. If the employee subsequently admits to a substance mis-use problem following an instance of serious mis-conduct, we may carry out the support route and the disiplinary route

Date: 16.03.2024

Next Review Date: 15.03.2025


Signed: R Poole

Signed: R A M Poole

Managing Director


Mr Richard Poole

Mr Richard Anthony Mark Poole

Chief Executive Officer