Fitness for Work Policy

3WAY Group is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, subcontractors and consultants in the workplace and its ability to meet the requirement ensuring that everyone who works for 3WAY Group, take full responsibility, and ensure they are fit to work for work prior to commencement of work, and for the duration of their work assignment within 3WAY Group.

Employees must be in a good mental, physical and emotional health to perform their assigned tasks competently, and in a manner that does not affect negatively affect or put at risk, their own or others health and safety and cause damage to company equipment and property.

An employee’s fitness for work may be affected by a variety of factors including but not limited to illness, injury, alcohol, substance abuse and some behavioural issues. These factors reduce employee’s physical strength and cognition, adversely affecting their ability to perform reliable, safe working leading to an increased likelihood of workplace incidents or injuries.

3WAY Group prohibits employees who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs to enter the workplace operate machinery vehicle or supervise others. 3WAY Group and its clients, could conduct alcohol, illegal substances, and drug testing of 3WAY Group employees, subcontractors, consultants and visitors on a random basis or as the need arises. The exception is zero blood alcohol content and no use of illegal substances or drugs. Employees returning with positive results will not be permitted to work and will be removed from site.

Breaches of the Fitness for Work Policy are treated as serious misconduct and those found not satisfying criteria for fitness for work shall be dealt with accordingly including disciplinary action leading to termination or employment or legal action.

Date: 16.03.2024

Next Review Date: 15.03.2025


Signed: R Poole

Signed: R A M Poole

Managing Director


Mr Richard Poole

Mr Richard Anthony Mark Poole

Chief Executive Officer